Spicy Scallop hand roll :)
This is a premier Korean /Japanese / sushi restaurant. Everything is cooked to perfection and tastes delicious. Portions are abundant and service couldn't be quicker or more personable. It's a special treat for sure.
Best sushi in Columbus! Huge rolls, fair prices and fast and friendly service! LOVE it!!!
Bonsai is Japanese Oriental Restaurant, which I have been a huge fan of for over 10 years, and couldn't be more thrilled that it's down the street from me now! I like the minimal/modern atmosphere. Try the Calamari Stir-fry for a spicy rice dish, or any of their sushi!
WOW! So after being told we had a 50 minute wait at another local sushi restaurant we saw Bonsai. Relatively new, we hadn't been there so we gave it a shot. I have to say, the experience is one of my best with Asian cuisine here in Columbus. The sushi was fresh and perfect, very authentic. They served it in a boat for us! The katsu don and the kimchee Dol Sot were incredible. Highly recommend the Kimchee Dol Sot. And lastly as we were giving our compliments to the chef we had ice cream for dessert and, it too, was freshly made ice cream and had floral notes that was very refreshing. WE'll BE BACK!
My wife and I run into this restaurant after visiting Wexner Medical Center nearby and it's a surprise. Food is good; service is nice; new renovation looks great. My wife tried the lunchbox which is great. Overall we like it.
I eat a lot of sushi and this is a great place. The sushi chef really knows how to prepare his rolls. Great texture, temperature, and fresh. It's the only place to eat sushi in the middle of upper Arlington so that's a plus. The owners are also not new to the block they have another restaurant in high street over 16 years so they know what they are doing. Order the sushi rolls!!!!
The best sushi and Korean food in Columbus! The owners are a Korean couple that also own Japanese Oriental Restaurant on High St, just north of Lane Ave. I love the duk bokki appetizer (rice shaped like a log and vegetables in a spicy sauce, no meat). Cod fish stew (cod fish, tofu, and lots of vegetables, no meat) is my favorite spicy soup. Jam bong stir fry (noodles, seafood, and lots of vegetables, no meat) is my favorite spicy noodle dish. Kalbi (grilled marinated beef short ribs, not spicy) is my favorite meat dish. The decor is lovely and the restaurant is cleaner than any restaurant I've seen. I've been to every Korean restaurant in Columbus, including the ones in the grocery stores, and this one is, by far, my favorite!
Delicious Asian cuisine! My husband and I stopped by on our way home from giant eagle. I loved the yaki soba (tasty thin noodles with vegetables and protein choice), while my husband enjoyed the Pad Thai. In addition to the delicious food, the ambience of this restaurant is top notch, very modern and relaxing, we particularly liked their namesake bonsai. The good service was the cherry on the top, including a complimentary and awesome green tea ice cream. Would definitely recommend, especially because this combo of Japanese and Korean food would be sorely missed in this area in Columbus - there is nothing else like it!
The best Sushi and Korean food in town!!! The service is great, the owners are very helpful, and the place is so clean you could probably eat off the floor! Highly recommend this place!!